The Locker Room


The Locker Room is located at the poolside in the McKennariey Centre and is a one stop shop for all the College's uniforms, stationery, supporters' gear and memorabilia.

Book a Fitting

Fittings can be scheduled in November, December and January. Online bookings will be available in Semester 2.

Uniforms and Clothing

The Locker Room is the place to go for all your Nudgee College clothing needs including:

  • Summer and winter school uniforms
  • Sports uniforms for Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Track and Field, Cross Country and Rowing
  • Accessories, such as school bags and laundry bags

Download the full price list here.

We recommend students try on all clothing as the sizing can be different from department store clothing.

Second Hand Clothing

St Joseph's Nudgee College is pleased to provide a second hand clothing service to our College community. The second hand clothing is located inside the Locker Room to provide a one stop shop for all College uniform items.

We would greatly appreciate the donation of all College clothing items that no longer fit your son or when your son finishes at Nudgee College. We will accept most uniform items for sale 'on consignment' for a period of 18 months. If not sold within the 18 month period, ownership will transfer to the College and we thank you for your donation.

Garment sale prices will be approximately half of the current new purchase price and a commission of 33.3 per cent for all items except Blazers, which are 25 per cent of the selling price, will be retained by the College.

The College uniform items listed below will be accepted for sale on consignment.

  • Blazers
  • College Ties
  • Trousers
  • Tracksuits
  • Dress Shorts
  • House Shirts
  • College Pullovers
  • Sport Shorts
  • White Long Sleeve Shirts with College Badge
  • All Current Sports Uniforms
  • Khaki Shirts
  • Sports Shoes

The College requires a standard to be maintained regarding second hand items for sale. Therefore, we reserve the right to assess each garment to ascertain suitability. For example, if a garment has ink marks or excess wear and tear, we will not accept this garment for sale. Graphic Calculators must be of working condition.  

If you wish to utilise our second hand clothing service, please read the following information:

  1. Garments must be laundered (including ironed). Blazers must be dry cleaned only and dry cleaning tag to remain on garment. Otherwise garments will be washed and ironed or dry cleaned at the vendor's expense.
  2. A Consignment Sheet, listing all garments you wish to sell, must accompany the items for sale and be handed in at the Locker Room during opening hours. Please note: By signing the Consignment Sheet, you are thereby notified and agree to accept that garments deemed not acceptable for sale, or are obsolete, will be donated to charity or otherwise disposed of without any further notice.
  3. The convenor will assess each item at a convenient time and assign a sale price. The setting of this price is at the sole discretion of the convenor. Unsuitable items will be donated to charity.
  4. The proceeds from consignment sales are processed four times a year. Payments for current families will be credited to that family's fee account. When a student has left the school a refund will be put onto the credit card number supplied.
  5. All queries should be directed to the Locker Room Convenor.
Nudgee College Memorabilia


  • Ball Point Pen (Engraved College Logo): $25.00
  • College Badge: $6.00
  • College Tie Bar: $30.00
  • Bath Sheet Towel (84 x 168): $45.00
  • House Badges: $6.00
  • House Pennant: $25.00
  • College Key Ring (Boxed): $15.00
  • College Shopping Bag: $0.50
  • College Car Shade: $15.00
  • Nudgee Football Car Shade: $8.50
  • Nudgee Rowing Car Shade: $8.50
  • Nudgee Rugby Car Shade: $8.50
  • Water Bottle: $6.60
  • Coffee Mug: $12.50
  • Unisex Auto Umbrella: $30.00
  • Golf Blue and White Galebuster Umbrella: $35.00
  • Men’s Wooden Handle Umbrella: $40.00
  • College Glass (Boxed): $9.00
  • College Wine Glasses (Boxed Set of Two): $30.00
  • College Shot Glass (70ml): $10.00
  • College Picnic Rug 150cm x 145cm: $35.00


  • Apron: $25.00
  • Supporter’s Cap (White and Royal): $20.00
  • Blue and White Scarf: $26.00
  • Sports Towel (100cm x 40 cm with Zip Pocket): $20.00
  • White Supporter’s Polo (Sizes 8 to 14): $45.00
  • Navy Supporter’s Polo (Sizes S to 3XL): $45.00
  • Supporter Long Sleeve 100% Cotton Shirt: $65.00
  • Supporter Fleecy Jacket (Ladies Sizes 10 to 18 and Mens S to 3XL): $62.00
  • Supporter Fleecy Vest. (Ladies Sizes 10 to 18 and Mens S to 3XL): $58.00
  • Corporate Tie: $38.00
Payment Options

We accept cash, EFTPOS, cheque, Mastercard and VISA. We do not accept AMEX or Diners Club.

$5 minimum per transaction.

Parents of Nudgee College students can also fill out an Ongoing Purchase Authority Form to allow their sons to make purchases with supplied credit card information.

Clothing Requirements

It is advised that you bring your sons in and try on all clothing. Please allow 45 minutes to be fitted and sized. Therefore you must be at the Locker Room at least 45 minutes before closing time. 

Every student requires a blazer. The blazer is not worn until Term 2, and you will be informed by the newsletter and student notices of the commencement date.

All Year 5 to 8 students require college swimmers (there is no exchange or refund on swimmers).

All school hats need to be embroidered (we require payment when ordering). 

During the year when ordering replacement caps, all students are to collect from the Locker Room. 

Opening Hours and Contact Information

Opening Hours: 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday during the school term (holiday hours may vary)

p: (07) 3865 0498
f: (07) 3865 0186