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The Student Formation Program is designed to move well beyond the concept of pastoral care. It champions the wellbeing of all students through curriculum content focussing on men’s health, digital citizenship, positive relationships, leadership and tools for success. Through a formal and informal program of student formation, Nudgee College strives to provide a school where students feel cared for, valued and happy.

At its core, the formation strives to develop the ‘Signum Fidei' graduate - a young man who, through his actions, is a sign of faith to the world. The Journey to Signum Fidei Handbook below provides a comprehensive overview of how this is achieved.

Our Student Formation program includes a range of activities, workshops and seminars across Years 5 to 12 including (but is not limited to): 

  • Leadership retreats and camps.
  • Respectful Relationships days and seminars with neighbouring girls’ schools.
  • Seminars and workshops on resilience, friendship making, drugs and alcohol, sexuality education and consent, digital citizenship, among others. 
  • Wellbeing weeks including Mental Wellbeing Week.
  • Inter-house competitions.

The House system and House Dean structure is also our way of making a big school feel small. Through this, the College can create a welcoming atmosphere where every boy is treated as an individual and can engage in partnerships where they feel engaged and empowered.

Our Houses

The House System acts as a means of providing personal care and extensive leadership opportunities for all boys at Nudgee College.
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This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of how we champion the wellbeing of our students.
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