Nudgee College

Alma Mater

When a boy takes his first steps through the College gates as one of 10,000 brothers, his family also becomes part of a new family – the Nudgee College community. Those who teach and support the boys are also connected as members of the community. Once a boy graduates or a staff member moves on, the Nudgee College journey continues.

Introducing Nudgee College Alma Mater (NCAM), a new community for past students and partners, their parents, carers, grandparents, and former staff members. The literal translation for Alma Mater from Latin is “nourishing mother”, but is commonly used to describe the university, school or college that one formerly attended. To us, it is a place to come together and continue to be nourished by the engaging and welcoming Nudgee College community. 

The NCAM is an umbrella community which incorporates the Nudgee College Old Boys’ Association, Past Mothers' Association and any other past students, their partners, parents, carers, grandparents and staff who wish to be involved.

The Alma Mater is a place to ensure the journey and connectedness can continue after you, your son or your grandson leave the Nudgee College gates.

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If you have any questions or would like to know how you can be involved, please contact our Alumni and Community Manager Ms Erina Hitchings on:

  • E:
  • P: (07) 3865 0316


The Alma Mater logo was created through the inclusion of four significant symbols in Nudgee College's story. The Nudgee College crest, the Celtic Cross and the College's faith star join together with an icon of people, which represents community, to form the Alma Mater logo.