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The Nudgee College Alma Mater (NCAM), is open to all past members of the community inclusive of past staff, past students, their partners, past parents/carers, grandparents, and siblings who wish to be involved.

The Nudgee College Alma Mater was established after feedback from the community seeking a means to stay connected to the College after they, or their sons, had left the College gates. The College enlisted the help of an external Principal Consultant between 2020-2021, who surveyed and interviewed a cross-section of our community; past staff, past mothers, fathers, carers, and Old Boys to establish a need for a wider community.

The Nudgee College Alma Mater was formed as a place to come together and continue to be nourished by the engaging and welcoming Nudgee College community. Its goal is to offer engagement opportunities that are relevant, purposeful, and meaningful.

The Alma Mater logo was created by including four significant symbols in Nudgee College's story. The Nudgee College crest, the Celtic Cross and the College's faith star join with an icon of people representing the community to form the Alma Mater logo.



I have been proud to be part of NCAM. The Nudgee community has many faces, and it is important to recognise and foster their diverse contributions.”

— Freddie Carlton Smith (NCOB 2017) Nudgee College Alma Mater Committee Member
If you have any questions or would like to know how you can be involved, please contact our Alumni and Community Manager Ms Erina Hitchings.
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The Alma Mater is a place to ensure the journey and connectedness can continue after you, your son or your grandson leave the Nudgee College gates.
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