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In 1985, a group of mums met and formed the Past Mothers' Association. They provide mothers an opportunity to continue friendships formed during your sons' school years and to stay in touch with the College. 

Along with the Mothers’ Mass and Christmas Dinner at the end of the year, in collaboration with the Ladies Auxiliary, they also hold other events. The Past Mothers has an Instagram and Facebook Group that act as forums to facilitate connections with other members and to keep them updated with upcoming functions. 

Membership of the Nudgee Past Mothers’ Association is free and automatically extended to you once your son becomes an Old Boy. 

The Nudgee College Past Mothers’ Association aims to facilitate the continuation of connection with other mums and the College. We would love to get to know you, share stories of our boys, and stay connected as mums of our special Nudgee College community.”

— Simone Watson, President, Past Mothers Association