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NCAM Interview with Mr Mark Anthony

07 June 2024

Introducing our new Director of Development and Communications, Mr Mark Anthony. The Nudgee College Alma Mater sat down with Mark to ask him a few questions and find out more about his career!

Tell us about yourself and your career?

I’m from London, moved over in 2007 with my wife, and became an Australian citizen in 2011. We, unfortunately, don’t have children having been given the medical diagnosis as a ‘medical phenomenon’ by the NHS, which accelerated our move to Australia. I love cooking, watching movies, reading books (horror, mystery & thriller fiction), and my beloved Liverpool FC. I played football, ran, and coached my adult side and Under 7s and Under 11s in the UK. The playing and coaching continued when I first moved to Australia, playing for Brisbane City and coaching the Under 14s at Grange Thistle. I have been a member of the Nudgee Golf Club for the last seven years. Golf helps me relax until I hit my fourth ball into the water. 

A firm believer in keeping marketing simple yet effective, I believe in using compelling storytelling to engage and resonate with the intended audience. I like creativity and am passionate about the work I get to do. We live in a world where information is instantly at our fingertips, and to ensure we create an experience for our audience, we need to define how we speak and relate the information, understand the frequency of delivery, and understand the decision-making journey of our audience.

My career has allowed me to work with clients across the globe, from international magazines and a national newspaper to heading up the Education Division for JWT (Advertising Agency) in London. There, I looked after the advertising and marketing for a wealth of private schools, universities, and business schools across the UK and Europe. I’ve worked as the Director of Marketing and Communications at The Scots College and Trinity Grammar School in New South Wales. Between these roles, I’ve worked in London, Dubai, and Australia for property developers marketing their developments across Europe, the Middle East, Fiji, and Australia.

Although, before starting at Nudgee College, I was out of the physical education space, I worked for Kids Helpline and yourtown, setting up and executing innovative campaigns helping young people, particularly young men, understand how seeking help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. I believe this experience can only help me in my role at Nudgee College.

What attracted you to work at Nudgee College?

Simply, the role! I was very excited when the job ad was posted and poured everything into my application. From my first visits to the College and my interview, I felt the Nudgee spirit. When I received the call from the Principal, congratulating me and offering me the position, the scream I let out over the phone told Scott, I was extremely happy and could not wait to start. 

Now, into the second month of my start here, I well and truly feel ‘Nudgee-fied’!

What do you hope to bring to the Nudgee College Alma Mater committee?

I hope I can make a valuable contribution to the committee and also to the College, using my past experiences, passion, and drive. I hope to provide a connection from the current to the past and vice versa and use my role to help provide engaging opportunities for both.

Why do you think the NCAM is an important part of the Nudgee College community?

It is crucial to continue the community connection which sets Nudgee College apart from other schools. Utilising the passion and commitment of those who no longer have a daily connection but want to continue to help and support the College is incredibly important. The College relies on the commitment of all involved, past and present and this generosity can be achieved in many ways to ensure its future.

What would you like to see in the future for the Nudgee College Alma Mater?

Continuous engagement and collaboration with the members, and the growth of this community are important in so many ways. It’s a testament to the principles of the Blessed Edmund Rice that not just the young men of the College form an inclusive community but all past members are encouraged to continue to feel part of this ‘family’ which can only be beneficial to the young men and their families of the future.

The Alma Mater is a place to ensure the journey and connectedness can continue after you, your son or your grandson leave the Nudgee College gates.
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