The legacy of giving

Nudgee College Foundation

Generosity has always been the lifeblood of Nudgee College. It is the very essence of the Nudgee Spirit. The Nudgee Spirit goes beyond education – it’s about investing in people and places so our young men are equipped to make a positive difference in the world. From the provision of College bursaries to investment in exceptional facilities, giving back provides a unique opportunity for our entire College community to steward, support and celebrate the Nudgee Spirit. Whether you wish to donate to a bursary or invest in future-proofing our heritage and facilities, every contribution makes a genuine difference in the life of Nudgee College and the lives of its students and families. 

Join with us in celebrating generosity – for this generation and the next.

All donations to the Nudgee College Foundation are tax deductible.

Consider a Lasting Gift or Memorial

Give Your Year Away: We value your contribution, no matter how large or small. Donate here.

Ross Oval Grandstand: Lasting memories for Old boys and families. Donate here.

A bequest either financial, property or other assets, is an opportunity to create a lasting legacy. You can bequeath in your Will an asset or specific sum of money to Nudgee College. This will establish a permanent lasting memory in your name. Speak to your solicitor or adviser about including standard text in your Will.

College contact: Ms Lindsay Khushal, Foundation Manager (
Please advise the Nudgee College Foundation or Principal Peter Fullagar of your intentions. 

Jack Ross Bursary
The John Elliott 'Jack' Ross Bursary gives young men of all backgrounds the opportunity to receive a College scholarship with life-long impact, helping more students go out into the world to make a positive impact. 

The Jack Ross Bursary is an initiative of the Nudgee College Old Boys Association and is named after John (Jack) Elliott Ross, a highly respected College student, teacher, coach and secretary of the Old Boys Association with connections to the College from 1908 to 1972. The bursary committee, under the guidance of the Nudgee College Foundation Board, is led by the College Principal, a member of the College Leadership Team (CLT) and two members of the Nudgee College Old Boys Association. The Nudgee College Old Boys Association and The Ladies Auxiliary are the primary fundraising body for the Jack Ross Bursary and also seeks support from the College community through its Annual Appeal and regular gifting program.

Building Fund 
Our College plays a special part in Brisbane and Queensland history, with many of our buildings designed by prominent Queensland architects and listed on the Queensland Heritage Register. 
Contributions extend to the maintenance and ongoing renewal of the school’s buildings and open environment, ensuring that the essence of Nudgee stays strong now and into the future. 


About the Foundation

Role of the Foundation:
The Nudgee College Foundation is the vehicle for giving within the Nudgee College community, with an aim to provide financial support for the built environment and scholarships. The Foundation, established in 1984, honours the spirit of generosity that has been an integral part of Nudgee College for the past 129 years.
Providing a unique opportunity for our community to contribute and stay connected in a meaningful way, the Foundation is committed to fairness, justice and taking action to help others, as well as investing in people and places so our young men are equipped to make a positive difference in the world.

How your contributions have helped:
Many projects receive substantial funding through the Nudgee College Foundation. This tradition of generosity ensures a vibrant and vital future for our College, students and the Nudgee College Community, past, present and future.

Previous projects:

  • Treacy Building
  • Tierney Auditorium
  • Ed's Shed
  • Ross Oval Grandstand
  • Ross Oval Scoreboard