The legacy of giving

Nudgee College Foundation

About the Nudgee College Foundation

The Nudgee College Foundation is the vehicle for giving within the Nudgee College community, with an aim to provide financial support for the built environment and provision of bursaries. This is managed via the two funds - The Building Fund and the Jack Ross Bursary. 

The Foundation, established in 1984, honours the spirit of generosity that has been an integral part of Nudgee College for the past 130 years. Providing a unique opportunity for our community to contribute and stay connected in a meaningful way, the Foundation is committed to fairness, justice and taking action to help others, as well as investing in people and places so our young men are equipped to make a positive difference in the world.

How your contributions have helped:

Many projects receive substantial funding from the Nudgee College Foundation. This tradition of generosity ensures a vibrant and vital future for our College, students and the Nudgee College Community, past, present and future.

Previous projects:

  • Treacy Heritage Precinct
  • Ross Oval Grandstand 
  • Mary’s Tower
  • Tierney Auditorium
  • Ed's Shed

All donations to the Nudgee College Foundation are tax deductible.


Ms Lindsay Khushal, Head of Philanthropy 

+61 7 3865 0313