Child Protection

Nudgee College strives to create young men who are Signum Fidei - Signs of Faith - for the world. An essential part of this is ensuring students feel safe and protected while at school.
Below is information that may be useful for students and their families if they are faced with a problem.


The misuse of power, position and privilege. It is done to intimidate, coerce, engender fear, to control.

"There are three main parameters of bullying:

  • it is repetitive (prolonged over time);

  • it involves an imbalance of power;

  • and it may be verbal, physical, social or psychological."

    (Griffiths, 1993)

"A person is bullied or victimised when he or she is exposed repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more persons." (Olweus, 1984)

Bullying behaviours include:

Physical - Hitting, kicking, punching, pushing, tripping, spitting, and throwing objects. Hiding, damaging or destroying property belonging to someone else. Making someone give money, food or other property against their will.

Non-physical - Threatening any of the above. Name-calling, using offensive language, making comments the other person finds offensive. Ridiculing, or teasing in a nasty way. Putting others down, spreading rumours (via internet, chat rooms or word of mouth). Making faces or rude gestures, Offensive SMS messages. (This is not a definitive or exhaustive list.)

NB - Sexual abuse or harassment does not have to be repetitive or over time to constitute a breach.
A one off altercation or disagreement does not constitute Bullying - however should still be reported to your House Dean if it was not witnessed.

St Joseph's Nudgee College is founded on a commitment to build right relationships and address issues such as bullying and harassment if and when they occur.

  • If you choose to make a report it is confidential and will be dealt with by members of the Student Formation Team.
  • While confidential it may not however be anonymous.
  • Identities will not be sought after as a matter of course however, if very serious concerns are raised and the health and safety of an individual is under threat or frivolous reports are being made then identities may be revealed.

If you are a member of the Nudgee College Community and wish to submit an incident report please click here.

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