Overseas Admissions

St Joseph's Nudgee College is pleased to consider applications from overseas students to attend the College. Nudgee College is registered in the State of Queensland as a provider in accordance with the conditions of Section 9 of the Education (Overseas Students) Act 1996.

Nudgee College registration details:The Trustees of Edmund Rice Education Australia trading as St Joseph's Nudgee College.CRICOS Code Registered Provider Number 00572G

Courses provided:

  • CRICOS Course Name: Secondary Senior Years 11-12 (Boys only) CRICOS Course No: 002590A
  • CRICOS Course Name: Secondary Junior Years 7-10 (Boys only) CRICOS Course No: 085114J
  • CRICOS Course Name: Primary School Studies Years 5 and 6 (Boys only) CRICOS Course No: 093156K 

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How to Apply

It is recommended the parents or guardians of overseas students contact the Admissions Department prior to lodging an application to determine the availability of places. It is also very important to understand the School’s English language requirement for entry, listed below. As Nudgee College has very limited assistance available for students who have limited English ability, this condition of enrolment will be strictly adhered to.

  1. Submit Application for Enrolment with birth certificate online or email forms to Within 2-3 years of enrolment, Stage 2 forms need to be submitted with supporting documentation (please note where the supporting documents are not in English, certified translations in English are required, with necessary costs to be met by the applicant).
  2. Complete interview with a member of the College Leadership Team.
  3. Receive letter from the Principal. All applications are reviewed by the Principal following interviews. Letters of offer/wait-list/decline will be posted within two working days of the interview (offers are valid for 21 days). OSHC is outlined in the letter and to be arranged by the parent. Once offers have been returned, Confirmation of Enrolment and Welfare Agreements will be issued for VISA applications.
  4. Attend Orientation Day in October the year before commencing (or complete orientation with House Deans or Pastoral Care Tutors for mid-year entry). Applications from overseas students are processed according to established policy and procedures and are dealt with on their merits. Assessment procedures include an evaluation of reports from previous schools and of English language proficiency. In cases where reports are not available or are inconclusive for any reason, the College may require relevant testing of the applicant to assess the application.

Minimum academic and English language requirements are as follows:

Students must provide evidence of satisfactory academic performance appropriate to entry to the year level requested on the Application for Enrolment or offered as an alternative point of entry by the school in a Letter of Offer. 

Evidence of application to school work:

  • Achievement in literacy and numeracy areas of the curriculum
  • A pass level or 'C' grade or better for the majority of core subjects

English Language Proficiency Requirements

Applicants are assessed individually based on the contents of their report cards and personal references, and may also be required to undertake a language proficiency test set by the school.

Nudgee College will assess evidence of English language proficiency presented by a student at the time of application, but reserves the right to confirm the student’s English language proficiency through additional tests.

If not presenting appropriate evidence of English language proficiency at the time of application, Nudgee College will assess the student’s application for entry based on satisfactory test results as follows:

Minimum Test Results IELTS Minimum Test Results Minimum Test TOEFL GELI HSP Level For Entry to Year*
Year 7,8 and 9
Year 10 Semester 1
Year 10 Semester 2
Year 11

Students should note that if their language proficiency is below that outlined above, they may be required to undertake an intensive English language course before beginning mainstream studies.

If undertaking an intensive English language course before beginning mainstream studies, English language proficiency will be reassessed at the conclusion of the language course to ensure the student’s level of proficiency is sufficient to allow them to commence their mainstream course.

Interview In addition to the above, Entry is also subject to a successful interview.

Course Credit

St Joseph’s Nudgee College will assess all applications for course credit for students enrolling in Senior Secondary Studies.

The student may receive course credit for units completed based on evidence provided of studies undertaken under the relevant state or territory curriculum assessment authority or nationally accredited framework.

St Joseph’s Nudgee College assesses and records course credit, according to requirements of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).

Overseas Student Health Cover

The Department of Home Affairs requires all visa applicants to provide evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the proposed duration of their visa. Nudgee College does not arrange OSHC on behalf of students and parents are free to choose their own medical insurance authority.  

Students' Living Arrangements

Overseas students are required to live in Bathersby Boarding Village whilst enrolled at Nudgee College, unless they are in the full-time care of a parent who is living permanently in Brisbane. The School does not arrange homestay accommodation for students.

The offer of a place in the Boarding House does not presume acceptance at some future date of change to Day student status. Such a change shall only be considered when the student is in the full-time care of a parent who is living permanently in Brisbane. All such requests for change from Boarder to Day student will in any case be at the sole discretion of the Principal.All staff at Nudgee College have current Blue Cards or Working With Children Check, issue through the Queensland Government. For further information please visit the Blue Card Services website.

Choosing the Right Subjects

To assist overseas students with the selection of suitable subjects and courses, the Dean of Learning and Teaching, along with Director of Pathways is available for consultation. They are able to help students by assessing their individual needs and matching those needs with the educational outcomes of the available subjects and courses. Every effort is made to ensure overseas students will have a reasonable chance of success in the courses they are undertaking. Nudgee College offers students a diverse range of subjects delivered through the Habits of Mind framework, along with a focus on 21st century skills.

The Habits of Mind and 21st century skills do not displace the agreed upon standards of learning developed and adopted by the College but rather complement it. Regardless of the content of a subject, our boys are encouraged, and taught to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, to create and innovate and to be able to communicate and collaborate. These are the skills required of them to succeed in life.

Transfer of Students

Nudgee College will only enrol a student who has already completed another course in Australia with a registered provider if the College is satisfied:

  • the student had demonstrated a commitment to studies in that course
  • the student had a good attendance record for that course
  • the student had paid all fees for that course.

If a student wishes to transfer from another provider prior to completing their course of study, the School will require a letter of release from the provider addressing the student's commitment to studies, attendance record and payment of fees. 

The School will issue a letter of release, upon request, to any student who started but did not complete a course at the School and who wishes to enrol with another provider. The letter of release will address the student's commitment to studies, attendance record and payment of fees.

Fee Schedules

For overseas students, Nudgee College has endeavoured to set fees which will cover, as far as possible, all expenses except textbooks and uniforms. The Tuition Fee for overseas students is higher than for Australian students because Australian students receive both Federal and State Government per capita grants. There are also additional administration costs for overseas students.

Information regarding fees is reviewed yearly through the Nudgee College Board and released at the end of Term 4

Application Fee

The Application Fee of AUD$250 paid when an application is lodged at the School is non-refundable and does not gain a place at the School.

Confirmation Fee

The Confirmation Levy of AUD$1000 paid upon acceptance of an offer of a place at the School is non-refundable except in the event a Visa application is rejected.

Sibling Discounts

  • Two brothers attending at the same time - 10% for 2nd student
  • Three brothers attending at the same time - 20% for 3rd student and 10% for 2nd student
  • Four brothers attending at the same time - 20% for 3rd and 4th students and 10% for 2nd student
  • When one or more siblings are attending the College at the same time discount applies to tuition and Boarding fees

Location and Study

Located in Brisbane’s north-eastern suburbs, 15 minutes from Brisbane city, and founded in 1891 Nudgee College was described by the late Archbishop Sir James Duhig as "the jewel in the crown of the Christian Brothers' Schools in Queensland". Our reputation as a specialist in boys' education is widespread.Further information regarding location and study:

Relevant information on living in Australia

It is important that all international families understand the cost of their son living in Australia. The below costs are indicative only and are in Australian dollars. Living expenses (not including accommodation) can include:

  • Groceries and eating out: $80 to $280 per week
  • Phone and Internet: $20 to $55 per week
  • Public transport: $15 to $55 per week
  • Entertainment: $80 to $150 per week

Reference: Australia Government Living Costs in Australia

Department Of Education

Under the provisions of the Education (Overseas Students) Act 1996, students, their parents and guardians are to be made aware that the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Queensland Department of Education has the power to suspend or cancel the registration of the school or a course offered by the school. Students concerned about the conduct of the school may contact officers of the Queensland Department of Education which is the department involved in the administration of the Act. The dispute resolution process does not prevent a student from exercising the student's rights to other legal remedies.


International Study Tours

For all information regarding Study Tours at St Joseph's Nudgee College please contact the Admissions Department via