Nudgee College


College Leadership Team

Principal: Mr Peter Fullagar

Deputy Principal: Mr David Johnston

Dean of Identity: Mr Stephen Meara

Dean of Learning and Teaching: Mr Jason Sepetauc

Dean of Students: Mr Anthony Connellan

Dean of Boarding: Mr Casey Brealy

Dean of Operations: Mr Damien Campbell

 College Advisory Council

Br Damien Price (College Advisory Council Chair)

Mr Scott Thompson

Ms Carmel Nugent

Mr Mick McGown

Ms Rachel Fojtik

Mr Mark Reppel

Ms Angela Winton

Mr Michael Senior

Mr Matt Baxby

Senior Leadership Team

Director of Administration: Mr Anthony Steele

Director of Admissions: Ms Susan Shakespear

Director of Development and Communications: Ms Hannah Kilburn

Director of Finance: Ms Jenny Anne Price

Director of Human Resources: Mr Michael Pigott

Director of Identity: Ms Sian Kennedy

Director of IT: Mr Sean O'Brien

Director of Junior School: Mr Chris Cawley

Director of Learning and Teaching: Ms Natalie Hughes

Director of Pathways: Ms Paul Doneley 

Director of Performing Arts: Ms Alexandra Khafagi

Director of Property and Services: Mr Stephen Latter

Director of Sport: Mr Jamie Pybus

Director of Students: Mr Sean Toovey

Director of Systems: Mr Mik Scott

Director of Teacher Growth and Development: Ms Jodie Becker