Nudgee College Alma Mater

Meet Catherine Jones

After being a Nudgee College mum for 18 years, Catherine Jones is now Secretary of the Past Mothers' Association and a Committee Member of the Nudgee College Alma Mater.

Some of you may know me from my time as a mother of five boys who attended Nudgee College between 2007 to 2020 (Jacob NC 2007, Declan NC 2010, Maclean NC 2013, Mackenzie NC 2015, Michael NC 2020). The Jones family has had four generations at the College with my first relatives attending in the 1920s. They were all enrolled as boarders from St George. My Father-in-law, Lionel, graduated in 1953, my Uncle-in-law (Douglas NC 1952), my Brother-in-law (Peter NC 1979), and my husband, Michael, graduated in 1983.

I am proud to be a current committee member of the recently launched Nudgee College Alma Mater as well as the current Secretary of the Nudgee College Past Mothers’ Association (NCPMA). Ms Angela Rada-Martin and myself were asked by current President Ms Simone Watson at the 130th-year celebrations to consider going on the committee. I had attended the Past Mothers’ dinners in the past and was already a member. I knew how important the continuation of the Association was to some of the mothers who were involved for several years. I thought the Association had the potential to be an important vehicle in the nurturing of the connections mothers had made at Nudgee and so I agreed to become involved. I joined the committee in 2022 and was appointed to my current role as Secretary. 

I think the NCPMA is a wonderful way for mothers to stay in contact with friends made during their sons' years at Nudgee College and at the same time continue their link to the College. We also aim to have a fundraising function to contribute in some small way with projects that assist past and current students. We hold three functions each year to provide an opportunity for mothers to catch up. The Ladies Auxiliary Christmas Mass and Dinner is another event we are involved with. This year we also hope to join the Old Boys at their annual race day. 

The Old Boys and Past Mothers’ Associations have important roles. However, prior to the commencement of the Alma Mater, some groups were missing out on having the opportunity to continue their link to Nudgee. For example, past dads, grandparents, staff, and sisters of Old Boys. The Alma Mater will foster their continued involvement if they so desire. 

I am pleased to be able to continue to be part of the Nudgee College community which has played such a pivotal role in shaping the lives of my family and myself.


Ms Catherine Jones

NCPMA Secretary & NCAM Committee Member



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