2020 Year 12 Results

2020 Year 12 Results

During what has been a truly incredible year for our Year 12s, they must be congratulated for their focus and determination towards their studies and final external exams as the first cohort to undertake the new state-wide system of senior assessment and tertiary entrance.

The cohort finished with a median score of 82.03, with 30% achieving an ATAR score of 90.00 or higher. This is continuing on previous years’ trends in strengthening our overall results. 

We would particularly like to highlight the significant achievements of our four students who received an ATAR score of 99.00 or higher. Congratulations to:

  • Declan Cabot 99.90 (Dux of the College)
  • James Armitage 99.85
  • Alec Watson 99.20
  • James Hong 99.10

The following is a breakdown of the Year 12s' ATAR scores by percentage of cohort within the specified range:

  • 95.00 - 99.95: 16%
  • 90.00+: 30%
  • 80.00+: 56%
  • 70.00+: 78%
  • 60.00+: 91%

Congratulations to our Year 12s on their achievements in 2020.