The 2020 restoration will celebrate the original College footprint.

The 1904 Additions

This article is taken from the 1904 College Annual. Hopefully it is possible to visualise the geography of these additions in the light of the 2020 footprint – Boardroom for Library, Museum for first floor dorm, Ryan Hall for students’ hall, admin offices for Brothers’ apartments, East wing classroom for Science wing.

The additions are in harmonious conformity with the style and design of the original building, and are in reality a continuation of that design, carried out in complete harmony with the ultimate view of the architect, Mr Cowlishaw, when designing a structure capable of supplying the requirements of the time, yet admitting of extensions in pursuance of that design as the expansion of the College work might render necessary. At present the students of the College number 170, and the building extension now all but completed will enable the Brothers to receive an additional 50, or a total of about 220 boys. The new wing has been erected by that experienced builder, Mr. E. Vallely - thorough tradesman, capable foreman, honest contractor, efficient supervisor in every stage of a building's progress from foundation to roof and much of whose work is contained in the walls of St Stephen's Cathedral. 

The following description of the new building is gathered from particulars supplied by the architect:

The extensions are on the northern side, three storeys high, designed in conformation with the Renaissance style of architecture of the present buildings, and the introduction of arcades to each floor, the whole length of the front, besides greatly enhancing the elevation of the building generally, have rendered it specially adapted to the requirements of the Queensland climate. These arcades are 170ft. long, and about 12ft. wide. The existing tower, which is to be raised to a height, from base to top, of 32ft., surmounted by a dome, roofed with copper, commands splendid panoramic views on all points of the compass.

The ground floor of the additions is approached through the main entrance hall, by a branch corridor, flanked on either side by parlours and offices, and giving access to a fine classroom for the Senior University students. Opening from this is the students' hall, a magnificent room, 96ft. by 32ft., at the southern end of which is a folding partition (removable at will) opening into a room intended for use by the Junior University students. Access to the different floors is obtained by means a fine Marble staircase, which leads from the central hall, and has its walls adorned with photographs of past students. Ascending to the first floor, access is gained to the room designed for the boys' library. It is 44ft. by 33ft., with arcade in front and balcony behind. Adjoining the library are the Brothers' apartments, and opening from these, is a dormitory, 65ft. by 32ft. The lavatories are easily reached from the southern end of the dormitory, and are fitted up with shower baths, clothes' presses, and wash basins with marble fittings. The second floor contains apartments for the Brothers. Adjoining these is a fine dormitory and lavatory, similar to those on the first floor. Care has been taken to ensure the efficient lighting and ventilation of the various class -rooms, dormitories, etc., throughout the building. In connection with the present additions the Brothers have decided to furnish a science hall, 52ft. by 32ft., and the Principal (Brother Duggan) states that he is fitting up the study hall with desks designed by the Rev Br O'Brien, for which a patent is being taken out. The College, including additions, is furnished with electric light appliances, the electric light being generated on the premises. The water supply will be obtained from 28 tanks, containing 12,000 gallons, which is procured from a fresh water dam in the grounds, and pumped up by an engine.

When the present extensions are completed, their cost being £8,000, St Joseph's College, Nudgee, will have cost a total of £25,000 - a large sum, most people will say, but a sum that all will admit has been well spent, and the expenditure of which has been made admirably reproductive through the industry, self-sacrifice, and excellent management of the Christian Brothers.

Heading image: 1904

Figure 2: Whole school image from 1901 - no North Wing

Figure 3: 1919 Science Classrooms - looking very familiar now in 2020