Faith Life


As a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition, Nudgee College students are inspired to build a better world for all through spiritual formation programs, community liturgical events, service learning, advocacy and social justice initiatives. Our mission as an Edmund Rice Education Australia school is to offer a liberating education, based on a gospel spirituality, within an inclusive community committed to justice and solidarity.

Liturgical Life

The College community gathers regularly for prayer, liturgies and masses, with a weekly Sunday night Mass for the Boarding community and a Mass each term for every House in the day school. Significant occasions are also marked with a whole school Mass, including the Commencement Mass and Senior Investiture, Year 12 Valedictory and the Feast Day of St Joseph.


From Years 5 to 12 students are invited to attend retreats with members of their cohort, which provide opportunities for reflection, prayer and collaboration with their peers:

  • The Year 5 Signum Fidei Retreat introduces students to what it means to be a 'Sign of Faith' within the Nudgee College community.
  • The Year 6 Expressing My Spirit retreat invites students to listen to the call of God and the call of Jesus by exploring their spirituality.
  • The Year 7 Galilee Day allows students to reflect upon the journey of Jesus, and answering the call to be a disciple.
  • The Year 8 Kanyini Retreat encourages students to encounter the divine through creation and connect with the Earth.
  • The Year 9 Emmaus Retreat allows students to reflect upon the reading in Luke’s gospel where the disciples met Jesus on the road to Emmaus. The program focuses on understanding ways of recognising God in the people and events of life.
  • The Year 10 Immersion Program provides students with the opportunity to learn about local or global issues through working with local communities or travelling to the Philippines, Papua New Guinea or Buru.
  • The Year 11 Leadership Day focusses on leadership, and the leadership of Jesus in preparation for students’ final year at Nudgee College.
  • The Year 12 Kairos Retreat focusses on Jesus in the personal life of our Year 12 students and how they might be a 'Sign of Faith' when they leave the College and enter the next phase of their lives.

Social Justice

Students are encouraged to develop empathy and compassion, break down stereotypes, and develop a genuine desire to encourage a better world for all through the College’s Social Justice Program. Initiatives include charitable fundraising, as well as acts of service and advocacy such as rolling swags and cooking food for people who are homeless, playing board games with people in aged care facilities, wearing bow ties on Stella Fella Friday to take a stand against human trafficking, and marching in the Luminous Lantern Parade to celebrate cultural diversity.


The Identity department champions a culture of sustainability at the College, with initiatives aimed at protecting the natural environment and reducing waste. These include:

  • Regular tree planting days
  • A comprehensive recycling program
  • A vegetable garden, which contributes food to the Catering team as well as local charities
  • Waste audits to review what is being thrown in the rubbish and what can be recycled
  • 'Nude Food' days in the Junior School to reduce disposable packaging