Bus Runs

St Joseph's Nudgee College provides the following bus services to fare paying students (view on a desktop device for the most accurate version). Please note Run 3B, 6 and 7 will change as of Monday 18 March 2019:

Additionally, morning and afternoon bus services are also provided to/from Boondall train station. These services are free and NO TICKETS are required for them.

More information can be found on the Transport Team App(external link).

Find us on Team App(external link)

Conditions of travel and important information

Students travelling on Nudgee College buses are required to comply with the College bus policy which states:

  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times
  • Bags must be carried on and off the bus by hand and not worn on the back
  • Misbehaviour will not be tolerated

Each bus run is numbered. The actual bus operating each bus run may sometimes change due to passenger numbers, but the bus number will remain the same. Timings and pickup points may also change.

Students need to be aware of their bus run number and any timetable changes to ensure they are at the correct bus stop 5 minutes prior to the timetabled departure time. Buses will not pass a pickup point before the timetabled time, but they may be delayed due to traffic or other reasons, causing them to be late.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Nudgee College Transport Coordinator Mr Todd Dening with any queries concerning the above.

p: 3865 0326
m: 0416 294 607
e: transport@nudgee.com

Ticketing Policy

Parents and guardians, please note the following:

Weekly Tickets: Each student, including siblings, where possible should have their own valid weekly ticket. We understand that at times this may not be possible and a family may wish to have a single card between two or more siblings.

Term Passes: Each student must have their own valid Term bus pass. Term bus passes are issued to students and contain their individual photos and can't be transferred or shared with other students.

In the interests of safety, students will always be picked up on morning bus runs even if they have forgotten or lost their ticket. However, whilst the College understands that bus tickets are sometimes lost or misplaced, it is also understood that students should not often forget or lose their tickets. Students who do so will be referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.

There is no excuse for any student (including siblings) to not hold a valid ticket when they catch a Nudgee College bus in the afternoon. Students have ample opportunity to buy a ticket during the course of the school day and are encouraged to purchase from either the Tuckshop, Locker Room or Junior School Office (however, tickets will still be available after school from the Finance Office). 

Purchased bus tickets are non-refundable.

2019 Ticket Prices


*pre-paid term pass

pre-paid term pass
(no discount)

10 Trip Tickets
(pay as you go)


 $240 if before midnight

 Sunday 20/1/19

 $250 on or before midnight

 Monday 28/1/19

Once term is underway,

$30 for each 10 trip ticket


 $215 if before midnight

 Sunday 14/4/19

 $225 on or before midnight

 Monday 22/4/19


 $240 if before midnight

 Sunday 7/7/19

 $250 on or before midnight

 Sunday 14/7/19


 $195 if before midnight

 Sunday 29/9/2019

 $205 on or before midnight           Monday 7/10/2019


 $890 (if all discounted)

 $930 (if all no discount)