Nudgee College App

Parent FAQ

How do I log in?

Your login credentials will have been sent to the email address registered with the College. Please contact IT on if you are having trouble logging in. 

​Why do I have to log in?

The Nudgee College App is a closed app to ensure the security and privacy of our community. Only current parents, students and staff will be able to login. 

How do I set up my Tags?

Press the cog in the top right-hand corner to open your Settings, and go into 'Subscriptions'. 

In the Subscriptions section, you need to select the tags that apply to you and your son/s. When setting up tags to begin with, please select ‘Parent’, your son's year level and House.  

Please note: tags do not roll over into the next year. For example, if your son is going from Year 11 to Year 12, you will have to manually check the Year 12 tag instead of the Year 11 tag. You will be reminded at Parent Information evenings at the beginning of the new school year to check your tags. 

What will be in the Notices section?

Notices are general information from different aspects of the school in relation to your tags. For example, if you are subscribed to Year 9, you’ll receive any Notices posted about Year 9. 

Information will include COVID-19 and learning@home updates, Assembly links, exam timetables for students, reminders for Inter-house carnivals, activities weekly overviews, etc. 

I am a Boarding parent, can I still get all the information I need about Boarding?

Yes! We have moved all our Boarding communications from Team App to the Nudgee College App. If you are a Boarding parent, select the Boarding tag in your Subscriptions. 

On the home page, you will find a Boarding specific button with sections like News, Recreation, Events, and Travel to keep you in the loop of the happenings in the Bathersby Boarding Village. In the Contacts button, we also have a Boarding specific section with contact information for Dean, Director and all heads of Boarding houses. 

Will the Newsletter replace Team App?

At the moment, most activities Team Apps will still be used for specific sport or activity updates, in addition to weekly overviews on the Nudgee College App. Some Team App are easily transitioned into the Nudgee College App, like Boarding. Please feel free to reach out to your specific activities' coordinators and ask how they will send out their communications for your specific sport or activity.  

Can I mark my child as absent through the App?

Yes! Through the Absentees button on the homepage, you can fill out your child’s details to let the Student Office or Junior School know they will be absent from school that day. 

What is the Business Directory?

The Nudgee College community is one of great support and faith in one another. Through the Business Directory on the Nudgee College App, you can find local, small businesses from the Nudgee College community, including parents, staff and Old Boys. We are currently working on populating the Business Directory, we encourage you to register your business here.