Learning Centre Oculus

On 19 January 1891, Father Francis Dorrigan escorted Michael McKennariey to his new school, St Joseph's College Nudgee. Being a week early for Orientation Day, he is recorded as the first student to step foot at Nudgee College. Though he had small frame when  starting, Michael McKennariey went on to be a prominent sportsman, well-known for his football, boxing and athletics, and his two sons going on to be Christian Brothers. In 1990, the McKennariey Centre, a place for the College's indoor sports, was named after him. 

When building the DJ Hanly Learning Centre in 2015, the architects installed a sky light that shines down onto the building's opening plaque, designing it so the sun spot only perfectly aligning with the plaque on 19 January midday each year to represent young Michael McKennariey's entrance to the Nudgee College grounds. 


Oculus Liturgy Prayer 

O God, who revealed your Son to the nations by the guidance of a star, 

and led those who have gone before us to this site one hundred and thirty year ago today, 

grant that we, who know you by faith, may work to make you known in the hearts of all. 

We ask this through Christ our Lord.