It has been a month since the Year 12s finished their final year of schooling, and now, their results have been revealed. The College would like to congratulate the 2016 cohort for their achievements overall, and make special mention of the significant achievements of our 11 OP 1 boys and our 24.7 per cent OP 1 - 5 recipients.

Dean of Learning and Teaching Mr Andrew Newcombe has provided the following summary of results:

"I trust that all boys have received results commensurate with their abilities.  I hope that they achieve their goals for 2017 and beyond, and in particular that they are accepted into the course of their choice should they be applying for tertiary studies.  


Year 12 Results

In 2016, St Joseph’s Nudgee College had 182 (visa students not included) OP eligible students.

Of these OP students:

24.7 per cent achieved an OP 1 - 5

54.4 per cent achieved an OP 1 - 10

85.5 per cent achieved an OP 1 - 15


For our QCS Test results for OP eligible students (including visa students):

27.5 per cent achieved an A (our best result ever)

22 per cent achieved a B

33.5 per cent achieved a C

17 per cent achieved a D

0.0 per cent achieved an E"