From setting off bottle rockets, to designing 3D printable space bases, the past couple of days have seen the Year 5s immersed in the world of STEAM.

Through a series of workshops run by staff and several Year 9 students, the Year 5 boys have completed tasks related to the STEAM disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

In the Cleary Building, the Art department provided students with water colour paints and wax crayons to create artwork based on sea life.

For the Mathematics workshop, the MacKillop Building outdoor area provided the perfect bottle rocket launch location, allowing students to explore the relationship between the height travelled and the volume of water in the rockets.

Pop sticks and pegs were the materials of choice to build structures in the Engineering workshop, resulting in many steady bridges and towers, as well as a few that came crashing down.

During the Technology workshop, students designed a base that humans could live in on Mars, which could be 3D printed.

Finally, students explored the properties of water in a hands on way as part of the Science workshop.