From Friday 24 June to Wednesday 6 July, 33 students from St Joseph’s Nudgee College travelled throughout Japan as part of their work in the Music Program and Japanese language classes.

The tour began in Tokyo, then headed south to Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima, before looping back around through the mountain town of Nagano, and back for a week in Tokyo.

Year 12 student Lachlan Green said the Music component of the tour took the group to two schools, a shopping centre, and one of the largest parks in Tokyo.

“The music boys had the opportunity to interact with all sorts of different people, and learn some important lessons along the way - such as not falling asleep on busy metro trains,” he said.

A performance on a staircase at shopping centre turned out to be the unexpected favourite performance of the trip.

“We attracted a lot of attention, drawing shopkeepers out of their stores and getting the whole centre clapping along,” Lachlan said.

The Japanese element of the tour certainly didn’t disappoint either, taking the students to ninja training, the Toyota Museum, and Hiroshima Peace Park.

There was also plenty of time to dine on authentic Japanese cuisine, with Year 12 student Jack Jordan noting Nagano’s famous buckwheat noodles and Miyajima Island’s delicious maple cakes as a couple highlights.

“We also explored Shibuya and dined with the Iron Chef,” he said.

“As a whole, the tour was a fantastic experience for all involved.”