This year, Nudgee College’s ERA for Change advocacy group have campaigned for the rights of those who are caught in conflict and fleeing persecution around the world. The annual Light the Dark rally, chanting “let them stay” outside of Lady Cilento Hospital, and consulting with Australia’s youth representative to the United Nations, are just a few of the things that students have taken part in.

Tuesday’s Assembly saw a speech by Year 12 student Möhámmád Jävír from Woodridge State High School. Möhámmád spoke of his experience as a refugee escaping an oppressive and dangerous society in Burma. Since coming to Australia, he has shown himself to be an exemplary leader, and was recently presented with a Secondary Schools Citizenship Award by the Order of Australia Association.

Nudgee College Year 12 student Keshav Kumar said Möhámmád’s message carries the weight of 65 million others who are caught in conflict.

“His story, though inspiring, is incomplete, and his plight yet to be fulfilled, for cynicism, suspicion, and fear eludes us from realising his vision of the world,” he said.

“We can act with compassion and uphold the dignity and rights of those who befall on our shores, and reject as false, the choice between our safety and our ideals.”

The impassioned campaigning for justice continued, with the College’s annual Detention for Detention rally occurring on Thursday afternoon.

Hundreds of students and several staff members gathered on the Wilkes Oval steps, to demonstrate solidarity with people who are struggling in oppressive societies and conflict zones around with world.