Today the College celebrated students’ 2017 academic achievements with a special Assembly in the Christian Brothers’ Conference Centre.

All five boys who achieved an OP1 last year returned to the College for the presentations.

Last year’s Dux of the College Will Hughes (NC 2013-17) was among the OP1s, and spoke at the Assembly about the value of improvement.

“While not everyone can be recognised [with an award], the boys who move from a D to a C, or a C to a B have equally succeeded in their academics, as they have improved through increased dedication to their schoolwork,” he said.

“Therefore, every boy at Nudgee College has the potential to succeed academically by setting and achieving personal goals of improvement, and not devaluing these goals by comparing them to others and diminishing their significance.”

In his address to the Assembly, Dean of Learning and Teaching Mr Andrew Newcombe spoke of how success can take many forms and be measured in a number of ways.

“Developing habits of study that enable a person to learn new things is an example of success,” he said.

“Conquering a fear, seeing a challenging task through to its completion, being motivated to improve on everything that you approach each day, and celebrating small victories are all examples of success.”

In addition to acknowledging the achievements of last year’s Seniors, 267 students received a gold, silver or bronze academic medal.