The results are in, and the Senior class of 2017 certainly delivered:
  • OP1-5 percentage is 28.7% (compared to a state average of 22%)
  • OP1-10 percentage is 70.1% (state average 53%)
  • OP1-15 percentage is 94.3% (state average 82%)
  • Nudgee College's OP mean is 8.2

The 2017 Year 12s exceeded all previous College benchmarks with these results.

The QCS results also reported some fantastic marks, with 61.1% achieving an A or a B on the test (compared to 45% in the state).

Special mention to our five OP1 recipients on this exceptional achievement: Will Hughes, Freddie Carlton-Smith, Ethan Bullemor, Corbin Duncan, and Harrison Bond.

Congratulations to the class of 2017 on all you achieved this year, and all the best for the future.