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Your son's education and wellbeing is important and we understand the need for all your questions to be answered. Our website contains our most recent developments and we can answer any enquiries by email, phone, mail or even during a visit to the College. Your communication is most welcome.

If there is specific information you require that is not mentioned on our website, please contact us. Our Admissions Team will work with you so you get the answers you need.

Four Easy Steps to Enrol at Nudgee College

Step 1. Application form submitted with birth certificate
To apply please submit an Application for Enrolment Form [PDF, 141 KB]. Within 2-3 years of enrolment, stage 2 forms [PDF, 166 KB] need to be submitted with supporting documentation. Please email forms to

Step 2. Interview
All applicants who submit an application will be given an enrolment interview by a member of the College Leadership Team.

Step 3. Letter from the Principal
All enrolment applications are reviewed by the Principal following interviews.
Letters of offer/wait list/decline will be posted within two working days of the interview.
Offers are valid for 21 days.

Step 4. Orientation and welcome to Nudgee College
Orientation Day will occur each year around mid-October for students starting the following year.
Mid year entry orientation will occur with House Deans and Pastoral Care tutors.

*Bulk interviews for students commencing Year 7 are conducted three years prior during March and students commencing Year 5 are conducted two years prior during July.

Latest Enrolment Update

Students commencing in 2019:

  • Year 5: Limited positions available (Day and Boarding)
  • Year 6: Limited positions available (Day and Boarding)
  • Year 7: Waitlisting (Day) and limited positions available (Boarding)
  • Year 8: Waitlisting (Day and Boarding)
  • Year 9: Limited positions available (Day and Boarding)
  • Year 10: Waitlisting (Day and Boarding
  • Year 11: Waitlisting (Day and Boarding
  • Year 12: Waitlisting (Day and Boarding

Students commencing in 2020:

  • Limited positions available from Years 5 to 10

  • Waitlisting Years 11 and 12

Students commencing in 2021:

  • Year 5 - Accepting applications and bulk interviewing conducted on 26 and 27 August 2019

  • Limited position available from Years 6 to 10

  • Waitlisting Years 11 and 12

Students commencing in 2022:

  • Year 7 - Accepting applications and bulk interviewing conducted on 18 and 19 March 2019

  • Years 8 to 12 - Open with limited positions, accepting enrolments and conducting interviews.

*If your son's year level is currently wait listed, please consider lodging an application. Family movement can occur across year levels, therefore vacancies do become available. If we have your details, we will be able to contact you as soon as a position becomes available.

*Deferment of enrolments - offers are only valid for 21 days from the date of letter. Acceptance can be deferred for up to 18 months once enrolment acceptance has been paid in full. Beyond this time, an interview may be required, at the Principal's discretion.

The Year 5 Catholic Boys School agreement

For consistency of the timing of offers, the Catholic Boys Schools have altered their enrolment procedures so that offers of places at their Colleges will be sent out during the last week of Term 3. All responses due back the first week of Term 4.
For further details, click on the image below.

Principal's agreement