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COVID-19 Update

Updated Thursday 27 January 2022 

Dear Parents, Caregivers and students,

Welcome to the new school year at St Joseph's Nudgee College, and a very warm welcome to all those families who are joining our community in 2022. We have all encountered a different start to the school year than we imagined but if the past two years have taught us anything it is to adapt and be flexible.

In recent years this letter has served to assist families with a smooth beginning to the school year. In the two COVID Updates that the College has already provided we have largely focused on the immediate requirements of learning@home and the changes forced upon us by the alteration to the start of school. 

This letter outlines some of the practical matters of returning to face to face schooling on Monday 7 February. Without doubt, this return is something that we are all looking forward to. 

You would have already received some communications on the topics mentioned below, however this letter outlines all information and is designed to be an overarching document for the start of the school year. 

Please note that school events that involve the gathering of large numbers have either been cancelled, rescheduled or offered in an online format. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but we are conscious of minimising the possible health risks for our community. 


Year 12 Results 2021

The 2021 cohort has eclipsed the previous year’s excellent ATAR results. They’re the second strongest Year 12 results the College has achieved in the past 20 years. This is a testament to the hard work of the students, the expertise of the teachers, the dedication of the support staff, our partnership with parents and an endorsement of Nudgee’s continuous focus on learning and teaching. 

Results highlights:

  • Caine Day earned the honour of College Dux with an ATAR of 99.95. One of only 32 students out of a Queensland cohort of approximately 27,000 to receive the highest possible ATAR. 
  • 183 students were eligible for an ATAR (visa students not included).
  • The median ATAR was 85 the mean ATAR was 82 (the Queensland median was 78.55). 
  • 34.3% of students received an ATAR >90
  • 61.4% of students received an ATAR >80
  • 83.1% students received an ATAR >70 
  • 155 (from 160 applications) students received their preferred university placement

Strength in our diversity as a College was evident once again by the continued growth of our skills and training area. Across the disciplines of agriculture, aviation, business, construction, engineering and fitness 110 boys were awarded one or more of the following certificates. 

  • Certificate I = 45
  • Certificate II = 62
  • Certificate III = 35
  • Certificate IV = 1
  • Diploma = 30

Six students also completed a School based apprenticeship/Traineeship. Our Queensland Certificate of Education QCE completion rate of 99% is outstanding, and significantly above the state average. Further details of our students’ achievements will be published in the newsletter.

Academic Assembly

Due to COVID-19 disruptions the College has amended the schedule. 

The Year 12 Dux, ATAR and High Achievers assembly has been moved to Tuesday 8 February, commencing at 8:45am. This online event will feature our top ATAR achievers and an address by the 2021 College Dux, Caine Day. Links will be forwarded closer to the date. 

Our celebration of those students (Years 5 to 11) who attained gold, silver or bronze medals based on their 2021 Semester 2 results will be presented in house assemblies on Thursday 10 February. This is a deviation from our usual practice, but necessary in the current context of attempting to limit large gatherings. We thank you for your understanding. 


Student Matters 

Please note the College continues to monitor the current government regulations regarding COVID-19 and the following information may change with short notice. 

Friday 28 January

  • All students are to attend the online College assembly, starting at 8.45am. Parents are also welcome to view this online. The link to this assembly can be located by clicking here
  • Following this assembly, students will connect via their google calendar to a PC class for a short period of time. This will be a great opportunity to reconnect with their PC tutors as well as students within their class prior to commencing online learning the following week.

Sunday 6 February

  • New Boarding Students registration and welcome
  • Returning Boarding Students in Years 6 to 11 must return between 3 pm and 7 pm on Sunday 6 February.
  • Year 12 Boarding students must return by 4pm on Sunday 6 February.

Monday 7 February - Return to face-to-face learning

  • All students are asked to be in attendance by 8.20 am and report to the following areas: 
    • Year 5 and 6 students are to report to their core classroom in the O’Neill building and await instructions from their teachers.
    • New Year 7 to 12 students will meet in the Hanly Learning Centre undercroft, and locate their House Flag. House Deans and prefects will connect with the students. 
    • New students in year 8-12 will have an orientation process with the Director of Students and Director of Learning and Teaching prior to commencing classes
    • Existing students will report directly to their PC class.
    • The school day will commence with pastoral care classes. Summer uniform is to be worn in Term 1. Normal classes commence on this day.
  • Please note, all new students will receive two bag tags, one for their NC school bag and another for their NC sports bag, to be attached to bags. The bag tag will have the student’s name and PC class. For returning students - who received two tags last year - additional or new tags can be ordered - please contact the Student Office. Additional details will come via the Newsletter.

Absentee Protocols

Moving forward, this year the College App will be the most efficient way to note a student as absent, an absentee button is found on the main page of the App. When you fill out the form, an email will automatically go to the relevant Absentee Office and you will receive a message that the form has been submitted as well as an email confirmation. Only parents & caregivers have access to the absentee button. 

The absentee email addresses are still available; 

The College will contact parents of students who miss days of school and individual teachers may email parents when students are absent from specific periods. 

However, please note these additional COVID steps.

During this time we would request that any students who are missing classes, due to either being deemed a close contact or have tested positive to COVID, to please communicate with the College, via the email addresses listed above. 



Due to the current health situation and subsequent changes the College will not host the Commencement Mass and Senior Investiture that was scheduled for Friday 4 February.

The College will bless and commission our Senior students as the leaders of the College community at the Senior Investiture at 5.30 pm on Thursday 17 February in the Edmund Rice Mall. This is a departure from our usual practice of marking this occasion at our Commencement Mass, made necessary by the current situation.  Parents of all Year 12 students are welcome and an invitation will be emailed in the coming days. Our Commencement Mass has been rescheduled to a date in March, which will be confirmed in due course.

Volunteering for Service and Solidarity activities in 2022: All Nudgee College students and their families are encouraged to participate in our various service activities, including Big Brekky and Big Barbie. For more information on our Service Program, and volunteering to take part, please join the NC Solidarity group on the College’s Team App or contact our Director of Identity, 

Ms Sian Kennedy in the Edmund Rice Centre on 3865 0525 or email


General Matters 

Travel arrangements 

  • Over half of our students currently use the extensive Nudgee College bus service. For those parents who intend to drive their sons to school please note the following arrangements which are aimed at minimising congestion. 
    • Pick up and set down area - This area will be very busy for the first two weeks of term as all parents drop and pick up their son/s. Please be patient and, if possible, collect your son/s from 3:15 pm or 3:30 pm.
    • Parents picking up students are encouraged to please park in the P1 and P7, adjacent to the Conference Centre and walk to the ‘Pick Up’ area. All students will be supervised. Please refer to the Nudgee College Map for details.
  • Please be mindful that the Mary Rice Early Learning Centre (ELC) operates from the MacKillop Centre on the campus. The ELC car park is not available for Nudgee College parking, or drop off/pick up of Nudgee College students. 


  • The College bus system will operate as normal from Monday 7th February. 
  • Please note that all routes and timetables are the same as last year. Please check your Bus Runs at Nudgee Bus Runs. Any questions regarding buses, please email
  • Nudgee College operates a Bus Travel Management System called BusMinder which tracks student travel and payment from the Student ID Card. The link below is the Bus Travel Site that the NC Transport Department has produced. This site contains all the information parents need to know with regards to Bus Minder.
  • Returning Students are required to use their old Student ID Card until they receive their new card (usually by the end of the first week of Term 1). This card will still work up until the Expiry Date and will save time when boarding the bus rather than manually searching the system.
  • New students will be already loaded in the BusMinder system, so if they tell the driver that they are a new student, the driver can search for their name when boarding and departing the bus. New students can expect to receive their Student ID cards shortly after their photo is taken (usually by the end of the first week of Term 1). 

Parent Information Evenings

Due to the current health circumstances the College has changed the arrangements for these important evenings. These four evenings will now all be online with a 6pm start.  

In brief:

  • Tuesday 1 February - Year 12.  
  • Wednesday, 2 February - Year 8 and 9. .
  • Tuesday 8 February  - Year 5, 6 and 7 starting with a combined presentation and then switching to google meets with core teachers
  • Wednesday, 9 February - Year 10 and 11.  A combined introduction and then splitting into google meets with the Directors and Dean of Students and Learning and Teaching.

An invitation will be sent to parents to attend these online forums.


Co-curricular offerings at Nudgee College fall under either Performing Arts or Sport. During Term 1, our students compete in the GPS cricket, debating, rowing, swimming and volleyball competitions. With the delay to face to face schooling only Open 1sts and 2nds and A teams will be training and playing in the GPS competition for Week 1 and 2. 

GPS sport is anticipated to return in full, Week 3 beginning Monday 7 February. Boys may also participate in cattle club, club swimming, club athletics and music. We encourage all students to get involved as soon as possible. Please refer to the appropriate team app for further details regarding co-curricular activities. If you have any inquiries email or

Nudgee College App

Launching this year is the Nudgee College App, which will be the main form of communication for school notices. Please download the App with the links below: 

Here is the link to download the app for APPLE.

Here is the link to download the app for ANDROID.

The App is the central place for all updates and notices from all areas of the College, including Houses, Newsletter, Learning and Teaching, Identity, Sports and Activities and Performing Arts. Most importantly, please ensure you are subscribed to the correct tags to see the information relevant to you and your son. It is essential you are subscribed to the Parent tag as well as your son's year level and House. 

Please find a FAQ page here for your convenience. 

If you have any trouble logging in with your Parent Lounge username and password, please contact

If you have any questions regarding the content of the App, please contact Kate McGrath Burgess on



Fee Statements 2022

Fee statements are distributed per term to allow parents and caregivers a more even and manageable billing cycle across the full school year.   

In January, parents received a School Fees Account for Term 1 of 2022. This account included the School Tuition Fees for Term 1, levies and compulsory charges.

All accounts must be finalised in full by the due date on your fee statement unless a payment plan or a direct debit is in place.

Since we provide parent statements each term, if you wish to pay by Direct Debit then we request that Direct Debit Payment Schedules are set up in the Parent Lounge each term. The deadline to set these Schedules up for Term 1 has been extended to February 4 and we will advise relevant Term 2, 3 and 4 dates in due course.

The College recognises that these payment arrangements may not suit all families. Should this be the case for you, please contact the College’s Finance Debtor’s Clerk, Ms Jade Amey on (07) 3865 0404 or via email to discuss alternative fee payment arrangements. It is imperative that these arrangements are in place prior to the commencement of the 2022 school year.

International Student School Fee Payments

Parents/caregivers of overseas students may find it easier to pay their school fees by International Transfer. Please contact the College Finance Department directly for transfer details on (07) 3865 0417. 

Also, a reminder that the College has an obligation to report to the Secretary of DEEWR via PRISMS all international students who have not paid their fees by the due date or whose parents have failed to negotiate for an extension with our Finance Credit Manager. The College is also required to report failure to pay fees to the Department of Immigration which may impact on the student’s visa.

Nudgee College Foundation and Edmund Rice Foundation Voluntary Contributions 

Both contributions are voluntary and will be added to your School Fees Account at the start of each term. However, you have the choice to vary your contribution or opt-out of the contribution in the Parent Lounge. Contributions to the Nudgee College Foundation are 100% tax deductible. 



While the College has had to change many well-considered plans on the run over the past couple of weeks we have been mindful to always put the learning, health and well-being needs of our boys first. We know that there are little year 5 and 7 boys who have been looking forward to their first day at Nudgee College for a long time. Equally, there are Year 12s who have been waiting to take their place as school leaders with much anticipation. Between this blend of old and new, there are all those other Nudgee boys who have just been looking forward to seeing their mates and teachers back at school. 

So, we look forward to welcoming all 1,710 Nudgee boys back on Monday 7 February and to them making the most of the opportunities and challenges that 2022 will present. 

Let’s all commit to making the year ahead the best it can be for them all. 

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the College reception on 3865 0555 or email

With every blessing for the year ahead,

Yours sincerely, 

Mr Peter Fullagar

Archived COVID-19 update Sunday 9 January

Dear Parents & Caregivers, 

The Queensland Premier has announced this morning the delay to the start of the 2022 school year for all schools, due to the expected peak in COVID-19 infections in the coming weeks. 

In brief, this means Year 11 and 12 will commence learning at home on Monday 31 January. With Year 5 to 10 commencing at school on Monday 7 February.

We appreciate your patience at this time and further details will be communicated to the Nudgee College community in the up coming days.

Mr Peter Fullagar


Archived COVID-19 update Tuesday 18 January

Dear Parents, Caregivers and students,

You will all be aware that the scheduled return to school in Queensland has been changed in recent days. As noted in my email on 11 January 2022, Nudgee College will return to online learning for all students from Year 6 to Year 12 on Monday 31 January. This has now been extended to include Year 5 students on an abridged program. Currently, it is expected that school will then recommence for all students with face to face teaching on Monday 7 February. 

This pandemic era is continuing to challenge all of us in innumerable ways. Over recent weeks many families have experienced COVID within their homes or have needed to isolate because of being close contacts and it is unfortunately likely that in the weeks ahead we will see even more families and workplaces affected by COVID. The College is planning for how we will manage increased illness in the school community and how this may affect day to day schooling.   

I would like to acknowledge the families who have needed to make changes to their plans due to the delayed school year and I am mindful that for the many new families these changes make the transition to a new school more complicated. 

I trust that the details below will provide all parents and carers with the necessary information to assist planning for the coming weeks.  



Nudgee College will provide online learning for Year 5 to Year 12 students from Monday 31 January to Friday 4 February. Students will complete their scheduled lessons online with their teachers. Year 5 will be working to an abridged timetable, where they will be online for a short time each morning with their core teacher.

Please find shared with you this Link relating to the processes around learning@home.

A whole school online briefing for boys and their families will take place at 8:45am on Friday 28 January, this will provide further information about learning and other aspects of College life that have been affected. Invitations will be sent via each student’s Gmail calendar next week. After the briefing, short Pastoral Care group online meetings will occur to ensure connectivity issues are resolved, prior to starting lessons the following week. 

School recommences on campus for all students from Monday 7 February unless further advice from the Queensland Government warrants a continuation of alternative schooling arrangements. Please use this link for the latest Queensland Education information. 


Supervision - Children of Essential Workers 

During the next two weeks, in line with the Government directive, all students who can be supervised and learn from home must stay home. The exceptions to this directive are vulnerable students and children of essential workers. In keeping with the State Government directive, Nudgee College will provide on-site supervision for these students only and campus supervision is restricted to the families that have no other options. 

From Monday 24 January the College will provide this supervision and these students will be involved in a variety of activities throughout the day. In the week commencing Monday 31 January all children of essential workers from Year 5 to 12 will be actively engaged in the learning@home program while being supervised in classrooms at school. These students will participate in the same learning activities being undertaken by their classmates under the College’s learning@home program. During this week, Year 5 children of essential workers will be supervised at the College as well as doing some online lessons.

To assist with our planning, please advise the College if you are an Essential Worker and you  anticipate a need to send your son/s to school. To do so, please complete the below form with your son’s details including his House Group, Year Level and period of days for which your son requires supervision. Please also include whether you require transport via our College buses. This information will allow our transport team to work on the route each morning. Please also note the following information:

  • Complete one form per student requiring supervision at the College.
  • Students attending the College are to wear Nudgee branded clothing to school or their PE uniform. 
  • All students attending the College are to report to the library for roll call at 8.30am and the day will conclude at 2.55pm
  • Please note that the tuckshop will not be open therefore students will require their own lunch on such days. Bede’s Cafe will be open at the Pool.
  • Masks are also required to be worn by all students aged 12 and above while on College grounds and travelling on College Transport.

My son requires supervision at the College - Google Form

If your circumstances change and you no longer need your son to attend the College during these first two weeks please let us know and if you have any further questions please email


Student Absences

The College's Attendance Policy still applies, all Year 6 to 12 students are expected to attend their online classes. However, if your son is unwell, parents can contact the relevant School Office via email: 

This includes any individual periods which may need to be missed due to appointments.

The College will contact parents of boys who miss days of school and individual teachers may email parents when students are absent from specific periods. 

During this time we would request that any students who are missing classes due to either being deemed a close contact or have tested positive to COVID to please communicate with the College, via the email addresses listed above. 

During learning@home students are expected to follow normal Student Code of Conduct protocols for the classroom. 

  • Ensure you are appropriately dressed in a Nudgee College school, PE or team uniform (not a singlet).
  • Get your workspace ready. Sit at a desk in your room or at a table in a common space like the kitchen. (Do not lie in bed to join a Google Meet).
  • Treat your teacher and classmates with respect in all communications and behaviours.
  • The College ICT Policy applies in the NC@home environment.
  • Refer to the College's Social Media Policy and Guidelines.

As detailed below, normal standards of grooming apply during learning@home. These simple things indicate we are taking our studies seriously and respect the efforts of our teachers.



We would like to thank the Boarding families for their flexibility and understanding over the recent weeks and we understand that the changes which have been dictated affect the Boarding community more than most. Mr Casey Brealy has sent information to you regarding requests for an early return to Boarding. To allow adequate time to prepare our facilities please send your request through to him directly by 3pm this Thursday 20 January. We must reiterate that the College is only able to welcome back boarders on a needs basis and under extenuating circumstances. Mr Casey Brealy will send further, Boarding specific communications throughout the week.



The following school events were scheduled for the week commencing Monday 31 January and given that we are engaged in learning@home the following arrangements will apply:

House Breakfasts: Barrett, Duggan, Tierney, Shaw will be rescheduled to a later date

Inter house Swimming Carnival (2 February) will be rescheduled to a later date

Year 12 Parent Information Evening (1 February) and Year 8 & 9 Parent Information Evening (2 February) will be held in an online capacity. Further details will be provided.

Commencement Mass and Year 12 Leadership Induction (Friday 4 February) will not be held and details of alternate arrangements are yet to be finalised.

The College will be taking a cautious approach regarding any school events that involve community gatherings of large numbers and they will be considered in due course and guided by the government regulations at that time. 


Sport and Activities

The GPS Association has been working on options to prioritise participant  safety and has approved a graduated start to GPS Sport and Activities for Term 1 2022, the statement can be found here. There is no compulsion for any student to play or train if they do not feel assured to do so and parents are asked to liaise with relevant Nudgee staff if they do not wish their son to play.

In short, the Term 1 competition will begin with Round 1 on 28/29 January for Year 7 to 12 in 1st, 2nd and A teams for Cricket, Debating and Volleyball. Swimming meets and Rowing regattas will also begin Week 1, however only Year 7 to 12 to participate in swimming. Year 5 and 6 students will begin all sports and activities in Week 3.

Please note the following training protocols will be in place at the College:  

  • Week 0 (this week): Camps, training and trials to continue as planned
  • Week 1: Training for teams/athletes for those competing on Friday or Saturday 28/29 January. e.g 1sts, 2nds and A teams
  • Week 2: Training for teams/athletes for those competing on Friday or Saturday. e.g 1sts, 2nds and A teams
  • Week 3: All back to training and competition for normal Round 3.

Cross Country and Swimming club to continue as currently operating.

Please note: Morning training in Week 1 and 2 must be finished by 7.15am to enable boys time to get home for parents to get to work and/or ready for school at home. 

COVID Safe guidelines will apply: 

  • Students and staff must stay at home if feeling sick or have any Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Students and staff are to use hand sanitiser as they arrive, during and when leaving.
  • Students/staff to socially distance when possible.
  • Parents/caregivers will be required to drop off and leave the campus straight away for training.
  • Sports equipment is not to be shared between students.
  • Students must use their own water bottles.
  • Game day spectators will be restricted depending on the activity and will be communicated shortly.


Preparation for School Return (Week 3)

The College is anticipating a return to face-to-face lessons on Monday 7 February; however further communications will follow with specifics. The school day will start with pastoral care classes for all students, followed by normal classes commencing on this day. New students in the Junior school will be cared for within their core class, whereby new students in year 7-11 will undergo a modified induction program, prior to starting their lessons.

Uniform, Hair and Grooming Standards at Nudgee College 

The College has clear expectations with regard to correct uniform, hair and grooming standards. Please refer to the College Policy/Standards.

The Dean of Students is happy to talk to parents regarding exceptions to the above standards based on religious, cultural or medical grounds.  

Students returning to school with hairstyles that do not meet the above guidelines may be sent home and asked not to return to the College until the hairstyle is appropriate. I thank parents in anticipation of your assistance with this matter.

COVID Safe Measures

It is expected that the return to school will involve mask wearing at some capacity And the College will communicate these details prior to school returning. The health and wellbeing of our students is of critical importance to us and in accordance with QH advice we strongly encourage the vaccination of all students, however we also appreciate this is an individual parental choice.



We hope that you find the information provided useful in enabling your son/s to start online learning  in the most efficient and effective manner possible, during these challenging times. A quick guide and contact details are provided here. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the College reception on 3865 0555 or email

Looking beyond the next few weeks, I am confident that while term 1, and even semester 1, might provide some ongoing challenges and interruptions due to illness, in our families and in our school community, it will also present opportunities for the strengths of the Nudgee College community to be evident to us all. 

With every blessing for the year ahead,

Mr Peter Fullagar