Student Formation is a program designed to move well beyond the concept of Pastoral Care. At its core, the formation strives to develop the ‘Signum Fidei graduate’ - a young man who through his actions is a sign of faith to the world. The formation program is a longitudinal curriculum initiative that endeavours to open doors to understandings in some of the critical and complex aspects of adolescence. This initiative is designed to promote a positive attitude, a belief in one’s own abilities and talent, and an outlook that is resilient and has courage, challenge and persistence as fundamental foundations.

The formation program is built on faith and the four touchstones of a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition. It is a complete program of both formal lessons and how boys and their teachers interact and develop in daily life. We look to integrate the Habits of Mind in a holistic and meaningful way, through their practical identification and embodiment in tangible outcomes and activities. The House system and House Dean structure is our way to make the size and complexity manageable and deliver the school the ability to treat every boy as an individual, get to know him and care for him.

Nudgee College establishes a welcoming atmosphere for every student, and aims to be a community that engages in partnerships where each person is empowered and enriched. Through a formal and informal program of student formation Nudgee College strives to provide a school where students feel cared for, valued and happy.