The Habits of Mind and 21st century skills do not displace the agreed upon standards of learning developed and adopted by the College but rather complement it. Regardless of the content of a subject, our boys are encouraged, and taught to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, to create and innovate and to be able to communicate and collaborate. These are the skills required of them to succeed in life.

As a BYOD college, we have implemented technology to enhance and improve student learning, while explicitly instructing students on how to be critical consumers and producers of information; to be responsible digital citizens.

Every student at Nudgee College is catered for through the rich and diverse nature of our subject offerings, our state of the art learning facilities, our Learning Support Department, our Enrichment Program and the various awards of recognition of achievement.

As a Years 5 to 12 College, we employ varying pedagogical practices and theories dependent on the age of our boys:

  • Years 5 and  6 boys are educated within our Junior School
  • Years 7 to 9 Middle Schooling principles and strategies are employed through our curriculum design
  • Year 10 is considered a transition year into the senior phase of schooling. At this juncture in their educational journey, boys are encouraged to engage in subjects that they enjoy and are a suitable step towards their senior subjects
  • In Years 11 and 12 students have the choice of embarking on an OP pathway or a vocational education pathway, depending on whether they wish to pursue a tertiary education, an apprenticeship or a seamless and immediate entry into the workforce.

Flipped Learning(external link)

Subject Offerings

There is a breadth and depth of subject offerings that truly allow every student to find his niche.

Click here [PDF, 2.5 MB] to view 2018 Subject Pathways for Years 7-12.

Enrichment Program

The Enrichment and Extension Program at Nudgee College aims to cater for students who exhibit outstanding aptitude and talent in different learning areas, and is an integral part of a College-wide approach to teaching and learning. These programs further develop Nudgee College’s commitment to personalised learning.

The purposes of the enrichment and extension activities are to further develop the skills and abilities of our talented students by providing opportunities that challenge students, and where students can work with peers who share similar interests, aspirations and abilities.

These activities aim to engage and enhance their learning potential and maintain their passion for learning. They also aim to broaden the curriculum to develop knowledge, application, thinking skills and attitudes to a degree of complexity appropriate to the students’ developmental level, and extend and deepen students’ knowledge, understanding and skills.

The program varies across the College, but includes year-long extension programs, half-year programs, ability grouping in certain subjects, open ended assessment tasks, and individual and team competitions.

Students are chosen based on academic results, diagnostic testing and teacher feedback.

Current Extension Programs:

  • English Honours
  • Delta Maths
  • Year 9 STEAM

Current Extension Days:

  • STEM Horizons
  • QUT STEM workshops
  • Da Vinci Decathlon
  • EREA Days of Excellence
  • Write a Book in a Day

Learning Support Department

The Advancement Department assists students who require additional educational support. These students are identified through the enrolment process, Years 5 and 7 diagnostic testing and parent/teacher recommendations and referrals. The support provisions include:

  1. In-class teacher aide support
  2. Small size support classes
  3. Modified Mathematics, English and Science classes in Year 9
  4. Modified Modified Mathematics and English in Years 8 and 10
  5. A diverse range of subject offerings at all year levels

Vocational Education and Training

We are very fortunate at St Joseph’s Nudgee College to offer our students various pathways to success. The Nudgee College VET Program not only educates and trains students in the specific skills and knowledge required for employment in various industries, it is also an option for students to enter post tertiary study through a guaranteed selection rank (OP equivalent). Societal perceptions about VET pathways have changed and it is viewed as a very viable and esteemed pathway for students in Senior schooling.

Further information on what the Nudgee College VET program can offer can be gained through an email to:
Lara Morgan
Director of Pathways
RTO code: 30498