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About Nudgee College

  • Mr Peter Fullagar - PrincipalA Message from the Principal

    Over 1,590 boys and young men call St Joseph’s Nudgee College their school. For over 260 of these students it is also their home as boarders. 2019 promises to be an exciting year for every Nudgee College boy as they embrace their opportunities.

    Nudgee College holds a special place within Catholic education both within the state of Queensland, across the nation and beyond our shores. We have a grand reputation that has been built by successive generations of students, Christian Brothers, staff, parents, Old Boys and community members over the last 128 years. Not only do we celebrate this rich history, the current generation of students, staff and families seeks to build upon it.

    This is achieved on a daily basis by students who are taught, cared for and challenged by teachers who want the best for each student. The holistic education, personal development and wellbeing of each student remains the key focus of the College. At Nudgee College, we offer a rich diversity of educational opportunities - in the classroom, in sport, in cultural pursuits and activities - as well as in faith development and social justice initiatives.

    We have a campus of 136 hectares with a range of facilities that provide an engaging and contemporary environment to learn, to grow and to be challenged.

    As a leading Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition, the culture and values of the College are shaped and influenced by the Touchstones of inclusive community, gospel spirituality, liberating education as well as justice and solidarity. These Touchstones are expressed in practical ways by those within our community, as well as being shared with others beyond the College.

    At Nudgee College we strive to develop young men of big hearts and good character. Ultimately, Nudgee College boys are called to live out our College motto ‘Signum Fidei’, to be ‘a sign of faith’ to all.

    In everything that we do in 2019 we will seek to remember this essential calling.

    Mr Peter Fullagar



Through a variety of spiritual formation programs, service learning, advocacy and social justice initiatives, the members of the Nudgee College community are challenged to be inspired by the life and ministry of Jesus and ground their discipleship in the work of Edmund Rice.

Learning and Teaching

At Nudgee College our goal is for students to leave school with the knowledge and skills essential to participate in, and contribute to, the world they live in.

Student Formation

Nudgee College is dedicated to providing leadership opportunities and a faith based program to ensure the development of the 'Signum Fidei' gentleman.

Junior School

Nudgee College's Junior School strives to meet the unique needs of children in Years 5 and 6, by providing a nurturing, pastoral environment.


Through participation in activities, boys learn how to set goals and work towards achieving them. Nudgee College runs a wide range of programs so each boy can participate in activities which suit their interests and skills.

College Facilities

Students at Nudgee College are able to enjoy the very best educational, cultural, sporting and recreational facilities available.


There are several College Policies available for the public to view.