Students celebrate true meaning of Christmas

January 12, 2012

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Nudgee College Year 5-7 students celebrated the true meaning of Christmas in December with a Christmas gift appeal, visits to local nursing homes and participation in Bethlehem Day.

All Year 5-7 students were encouraged to participate in the Christmas ECHOES appeal which, as with the Easter appeal, was based around the message from Luke's Gospel 'give and it shall be given to you'.

Students were asked to bring in Christmas decorations that could either be hung on a tree or stand on a bedside cabinet. The decorations were wrapped by parent volunteers before being distributed by the Year 7 students who visited four local nursing homes to spend time with the residents and deliver the gifts.

The nursing home visits were just one of the activities the Year 7 students participated in to mark the end of their traditional primary school era. Other events held during the ‘Crossing the Road’ week celebrations included a Year 7 retreat, a visit to Wet ‘n’ Wild and a ceremony and afternoon tea.

Also, learning about the true meaning of Christmas were the Year 6 students who got a taste, literally, of what life would have been like when Jesus was born when they participated in Bethlehem Day celebrations.

“The Year 6 students had been studying the life and times of first century Palestine, in particular the time period around when Jesus was born. They learnt about the people, the food, the houses, the agriculture, and the way of life, all in reference to the infancy narrative of Luke's gospel,” said Director of RE (Years 5-12), Ms Erin Wedge.
“Bethlehem Day was a day of celebration of learning for the Year 6 students. The boys worked their way through four rotations where they tasted and cooked food that Jesus would have eaten, played games that young boys from this time period would have been involved with, learnt Hebrew and built their own Jewish temple,” she said.

Prior to the day, the students also made their own ‘True Nativity’ scene using what they’d learnt during the term.

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Year 7 students spend time with residents at Bellevue Nursing Home
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