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February 15, 2012

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Mr Daryl Hanly, 2012 College Captain Jack Tuttle and the Vice Captains with the Senior symbol
Mr Daryl Hanly, 2012 College Captain Jack Tuttle and the Vice Captains with the Senior symbol
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Members of the St Joseph’s Nudgee College community gathered in the Christian Brothers Conference Hall last Friday for the Opening Mass and Investiture of Senior Students.

Father John Gillen conducted the Mass which began with an acknowledgement of the traditional custodians by Year 12 student Tyrone Turaga and included commissioning and investiture of this year’s Senior students.

With this year’s Senior motto, “Build through Beginnings”, in mind Fr Gillen spoke of the College’s history and the legacy that has been left. 

“This morning we have heard much talk about the beginning and beginnings. It couldn’t be otherwise as we are creatures of time as we are of space,” Fr Gillen said.

“It is important that we be very much aware of what has gone before because what’s gone before has decided who we are now. Here at Nudgee College, surely we stand astounded to think those first Christian Brothers took that great leap of faith and started off this College against a backdrop, a background, of economic calamity. No feasibility studies as we understand them. It was God’s will that there be in this place an institution for the education of those needy students, and so it was that this place came to be.

“We who have as our College motto Signum Fidei – a Sign of Faith – who have enjoyed that legacy of 1891, we too, in a very real sense, must be prophets. We must build on what’s gone before and break open the word and the presence of God for one another and for the people of our time,” he said.

2012 College Captain Jack Tuttle also spoke of the legacy left by those who have gone before when introducing this year’s Senior motto and symbol.

“I stand before you today very humbled at the opportunity to lead this College, with my fellow Seniors, in its 122nd year,” he said.

“2012 will be a defining year in Nudgee College’s history with the 100th anniversary of the death of Brother Tracey, the 250th anniversary of the birth of Edmund Rice, a new charter and a new sporting calendar. In many ways this is a year of new beginnings. It is our responsibility as leaders of this school to steer Nudgee College in a direction we can look back on in 10 years and be proud say ‘I was a part of that’.

“The Senior motto for 2012, “Build through Beginnings” encourages us to build a legacy that respects those who have gone before us. Edmund Rice, who gave to the poor in handfuls and his Christian Brothers, who delivered an education that liberates. The tradesmen, the doctors, the farmers, the lawyers, the priests, the brothers, the soldiers, the husbands, and the fathers who, by wearing the blue and white, are Signum Fidei.  

“The symbol for 2012 is the ships wheel. The wheel is a symbol of leadership, trust and direction. All of which are qualities this year’s Seniors hope to offer the entire Nudgee College community. The shape of the circle also holds importance as it shows that as Nudgee College evolves, or turns, the true essence of this school will never change,” he said.

College Principal Mr Daryl Hanly congratulated the Seniors on their choice of symbol and the “wisdom” of their motto.

“Wisdom is something that comes very rarely to young people. Sometimes young people decide they want to leave a legacy. That legacy is something you can see. That particular direction is fraught with danger because if the legacy is not achieved there is a feeling of disappointment,” he said.

“How wise it was for these leaders and these Years 12s to choose a legacy that will not reach fruition until the future. As Jack indicated they will come back in 5-10 years and they will see their legacy.

“These boys are modeling that they are leading back through tradition, through Christ, through Edmund, through Treacy, through the Christian Brothers, through the priests, through the Old Boys, and through the mothers and grandmothers who supported those Old Boys while they were here.

“Seniors, I congratulate you on your creativity with your chosen symbol. To have a beginning means you have created something and your creativity, as demonstrated in this wonderful symbol, will lead you to creating something that when you do return in 5 to 10 years time, you will say ‘wow, that was really, really excellent’.”   

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